The new way to stay warm.

Say goodbye to old-fashioned heating blankets. They’re clunky, inconvenient, and keep you on a 6-foot leash. 

Say hello to our range of portable battery powered heating blankets and never be cold again!

The Cozee

From soccer/football/hockey moms to wheelchair users, dialysis patients, and those with circulatory issues, The Cozee is the heated indoor/outdoor blanket that wraps perfectly around your lifestyle.


The Kodiak

Specially created for those who love the great outdoors, The Kodiak is the ultimate outdoor blanket. Whether you love to hunt, fish, boat or camp, the Kodiak will keep you warm whatever the weather.

  • This product is AMAZING!!!! It not only keeps you warm, it is water resistant so when you are sitting at your kids soccer game in the freezing rain you are warm AND dry! It stays charged for A LONG time and I can charge my phone using the battery pack! My office is in the basement so I am cold year round. This is perfect to wrap up in on super cold days or just drape over my legs if I’m just a little chilly. I could say a million great things about it! Just buy one and find out for yourself.

    -R. Key

  • I love the Cozee! It is super convenient and awesome to have when you need a little extra heat! I’ve been using it the past few days and it’s been keeping me nice and warm during our South Dakota winters. I can see this blanket being super useful for those with poor blood circulation that want to enjoy being outdoors, but are restricted to doing so because of how cold they get. For getting the most out of your Cozee, check out the video! I highly recommend the Cozee!

    -Bryan L.

  • We are thrilled to have finally have a heated blanket that we can take with us on our adventures. We recently brought it with us to our nephew's soccer game too. The battery pack has a nice long charge, and the blanket itself is excellent quality and made of plushy soft materials. The hubs is also happy that I can charge my cell phone with it because I never have my phone charged. Cozee, where have you been all my life?!